Software outsourcing.

It is really beneficial for many companies to outsource the software development. The advantage of this approach is that the company gets a perfectly complying with requirements software and there’s no need to organize their own development project. The cost of the project might be small if ordered in some other country. Another advantage is that software development could require focused specialization experts; sometimes it’s difficult to find a good one. Moreover, you’ll need him once – for this project.

We offer software development in the following areas:

  • Company automation systems development;
  • Complex web portals creation;
  • Database development;
  • Using enumeration of possibilities programs & algorithms development (optimal cutting of sheet materials, finding the shortest path, etc.);
  • Using the artificial neural networks programs & algorithms development.

The rights to software outsourced belong to the customer. That is why we provide the source codes for all programs and the customer does not depend on us in future. For example, if there appears any need to update these programs in a few years, any other company or software programmers will manage to do it.